Can CBD Oil Help During Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting has become a popular routine for many people looking to improve their metabolic health and lose weight. But can you take CBD oil while fasting? The answer is yes, as long as it doesn't contain any added sugar or other components that can stimulate insulin production and interrupt your fast. CBD oil is composed solely of fat, which won't kick you out of ketosis, and studies suggest that it may help people overcome fasting fatigue for a long time. Although there is no research dedicated to looking at how CBD could change the body's metabolic response during a fast, some fasting people recommend zero calories during a fast, while others say that 50 calories or less are okay and don't interrupt a fast.

The answer depends on the reason you're intermittently fasting. Studies have shown that CBD inhibits a receptor in the brain, so the hormone ghrelin cannot work. Other studies show that CBD can also increase a neurotransmitter called leptin that makes you feel full. This could be beneficial when taken during a fasting period.

When it comes to taking CBD oil while fasting, opt for products that contain more of the whole plant, excluding THC. Some CBD oils contain all the valuable parts of the plant, such as lipids, waxes and chlorophyll, flavonoids and terpenes, which are excellent for the fasting experience. You can dose CBD oil when and where you need it, regardless of your eating window. Another solution could be to use CBD creams or patches during a fast, especially for a longer fast.

Just make sure that CBD oil doesn't have sugar or other added components that can stimulate insulin production and interrupt your fast. Under these circumstances, supporting intermittent fasting with CBD oil seems like an obvious option, especially considering the potential benefits described above. Of course, you might get into the habit of adding it to your meals, rather than taking CBD oil alone.

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