Can CBD Oil Cause Liver Problems?

Animal studies have shown that extremely high doses of CBD can be harmful to the liver. However, it is important to note that other supplements and medications have also been associated with liver toxicity. Therefore, it is best to keep the use of CBD within reasonable limits. Clinical trials have proven that doses of up to 20 mg of CBD per kg do not pose a threat to liver health, such as the trial of Epidiolex, a CBD-based anticonvulsant medication.

The best way to find the right dose for you is to start with 5 to 10 mg of CBD and observe how your body responds over a few days. According to preliminary research on panic and anxiety, humans usually receive between 300 and 600 mg of CBD. In addition, when scientists treated rats with liver ischemia with CBD, there was a significant reduction in liver damage. Furthermore, researchers from Little Rock found that four and a half mice died from CBD, while one and a half survived.

CBD also helps restore liver function and regulates the overall level of liver enzymes by reducing levels of ammonia in the blood. It is important for patients to consult a doctor before incorporating CBD into their routine in order to analyze the dose and establish the appropriate schedule to avoid possible interactions with other medications. For example, a recent report from the cannabis testing laboratory CannaSafe to the California Office of Cannabis Control (BCC) revealed that up to 80% of CBD products did not comply with the label. In experimental models, CBD effectively reduced inflammation, oxidative stress and promoted the death of malignant liver cells.

Once CBD products have been analyzed, companies make public the certificates of analysis for their products. With this information, it would be advisable for people with liver problems to avoid using CBD or only use it in consultation with their doctors. Scientists conducted a study to compare the incidence of higher liver tests in an adult population that self-administers CBD with that of the average and general adult population. As an inhibitor of these enzymes, CBD can cause subtherapeutic effects or substance toxicity when taken together with medications for liver function.

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