How Long Does it Take for CBD to Absorb Topically?

Topical CBD products, such as balms, ointments and lotions, should take effect almost immediately. The CBD in a topical cream or lotion penetrates the sebaceous gland through hair follicles. Once absorbed, CBD and the activation of cannabinoid receptors help increase the soothing abilities of other well-known analgesic agents, such as the topical pain reliever histamine dihydrochloride. A common question among those curious about topical CBD is whether it can be absorbed through the skin.

The short answer is yes, it can. Inhaled CBD has a high level of bioavailability, meaning that the vast majority of inhaled CBD enters the bloodstream and exerts an effect. Your skin will absorb 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD along with other healthy oils from natural sources to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. While eating or drinking CBD-infused products is the tastiest way to get the cannabinoid into cells, this method is the one that takes the longest to produce an effect.

Chronic oral consumption of CBD products can increase their half-life by 2 to 5 days, while CBD usually has a half-life of 31 hours if a person smokes it. When using CBD oil for sleep, it's important to relax and consume the oil an hour or two before bed. Also, keep in mind that the FDA has not approved over-the-counter CBD products and that some products may be mislabeled. Once CBD reaches the bloodstream, it can affect the entire body and generate other potential benefits, such as calm, relaxation and comfort. Broad-spectrum CBD is considered to have a faster onset time than isolated CBD, but slower than full-spectrum CBD.

Some of the other compounds in broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products improve the bioavailability of CBD and therefore have a more rapid effect. So how is it possible for CBD to penetrate the surface of our skin to be effective? Read on to understand how CBD is absorbed through the skin. It is recommended to combine vaporizable CBD with another form to achieve the best balance between fast-acting effects and sustained relief. The time it takes for CBD to take effect in one person can change dramatically for another, so take these starting moments with a pinch of salt. This is because CBD has to navigate through the digestive tract before being carried through the bloodstream.

All of these other compounds (especially cannabinoids and terpenes) can affect the amount of time it takes for CBD to work. CBD vaporizers are great if you need immediate pain relief, but if you're looking for something to keep you active all day long, keep in mind that you're going to be vaping every hour or two.

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