Can CBD be Absorbed Through the Lips?

CBD has become a popular supplement for its potential wellness benefits, and it has found its way into some surprising personal care products, such as lip balms. CBD lip balms are a great way to administer a CBD infusion, as the skin of the lips is thin and quickly absorbs the therapeutic substances applied to them. Hemp seed oil, which is used in CBD lip balm, is a natural moisturizer and skin rejuvenation that helps protect sensitive lip skin from dryness and cracking. In addition, CBD offers localized relief for mild physical discomfort and pain in a contained surface area.

CBD does not penetrate the lower layers beyond the epidermis, so it never reaches the bloodstream. This means that topical CBD absorption causes no psychotropic effects and will not make you fail a drug test. CBD works by stimulating a specific set of cannabinoid receptors, called CB2 receptors, which connect to our peripheral nervous system and many different organs, including the skin. In the UK, legal CBD must come from licensed hemp crops and contain no more than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), or 1 mg per product.

You can apply CBD oil directly to your hair or skin, but it will go further and absorb faster if you mix it with other ingredients. For a refreshing and comforting treat, you might want to consider pairing a CBD sweet mint with a luxurious CBD lip balm. CBD lip balm may be a newcomer to the large family of CBD wellness products, but it has the same skin benefits as other skin care products made with hemp seed oil. Almost identical, except for the presence of CBD, both hemp seed oil and CBD oil can help replenish the moisture that the sun takes away from the skin. Topical CBD products are less likely to produce any adverse effects since cosmetics are absorbed through the skin rather than through the digestive system.

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