How Long Does it Take for CBD to Absorb Into Skin?

Curious about topical CBD? Can it be absorbed through the skin? The answer is yes! Sublingual consumption of CBD is an effective way of taking in the cannabinoid. If you're using full-spectrum CBD oil, be sure to check the dosage and quality, as everyone's metabolism is different. The higher the bioavailability percentage, the more CBD that reaches the bloodstream. When it comes to CBD, the method you use to consume it will have a major effect on how long it takes to take effect.

CBD-infused topical products must be applied generously to overcome the low rate of absorption into the skin. Once you purchase CBD oil, find the optimal dosing regimen, including how often you use it. If a CBD binds to a serotonin receptor, you may feel a reduction in anxiety, while if it binds to a glycine receptor, you may experience a reduction in inflammation. Topical CBD products, such as balms, ointments and lotions, should take effect almost immediately.

However, they don't penetrate beyond the epidermis, so CBD or any other active ingredient never reach the bloodstream. Those with a slower metabolism will wait longer to feel the effects of CBD. Research shows that CBD has significant health potential, with evidence that it can improve symptoms of anxiety, pain, sleep and inflammation. With specialized ingredients and the health benefits of CBD combined, topical products are ideal for reducing blemishes and even mitigating UV damage to the skin.

When applied topically, CBD molecules affect skin cells called sebocytes that create the sebaceous gland. When choosing a brand for your topical CBD products, make sure they have all-natural ingredients backed by transparency. The absorbed combination of full-spectrum CBD oil, vitamin C and squalane reduces signs of aging, brightens the skin and even mitigates UV damage to the skin.

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